About Me

About Me

I have been fascinated by the human body from the young age of 5 years. My first encounter with the wonders of this body was when my sister, at the age of 3 years, fell over and cut her knee. All I remember was the copious amount of blood that gushed out from her wound. I mean how much longer could she have bled without running dry? Was there some kind of a well of blood inside her? Initially she did not even register the injury but then within a few minutes of falling, all I can remember was the blood and her screaming and crying.

From this incidence on, there were many like this (not necessarily  involving my sister) that made me follow my fascination with the human body.

This culminated in me doing a Bachelor’s in Pharmacology, a Master’s in Toxicology and Pathology as well as a PhD in cancer at King’s College Hospital, London.

It was only when I saw the impact of traditional medicine especially chemo and radiotherapy during my PhD laboratory research days that I started to question other possibilities as the body does have the innate ability to heal but why was it going so ‘wrong?’

This led onto my 6 year journey into naturopathy resulting in me qualifying as a nutritionist and homeopath.

My practice is a marriage of various therapies, the core being nutrition and homeopathy, which result in what some may call ‘miracle cures’.

I treat a wide range of conditions and have a particular interest in hormonal issues from pre-conception, puberty through to menopause. I believe many illnesses are due to a build of toxins. These toxins can vary in form from heavy metals, microbials, medications, vaccinations, and emotional.

For a chat or further questions, book in a free 15 minute skype session.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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